I’ve been interested in wood carving since an early age when combined with a passion for horse riding ( I began at the tender age of three !). These two things led me to my first project.  I  built and carved my first 45 inch rocking horse, from Tulip wood at the age of 15 for my GCSE in Resistant Materials.

I trained with Master Malcolm Gibbons for seven years.  Malcolm is a direct descendant of Grinling Gibbons.  The Galloper featured on the home page is my final apprentice piece.  This was an opportunity for me to showcase independently all of the wood carving skills I have learned throughout my time as an apprentice.

My first piece following the end of my Apprenticeship was a carved and jointed Bear, commissioned by Congleton Museum as a collection box for donations. 

Other pieces have since followed.  For examples please view in the Gallery.