Hello and Welcome to my wood carving website!

I design and carve a range of items for sale in wood using hand tools and traditional methods. This includes offering my clients an excellent bespoke carving service. The timber is hand selected.  Lime and tulip wood are the preferred woods for wood carving.  Other available woods such as mahogany can be used.  Choice of wood is also dependant on use and client requirement.  A wide range of carving techniques are utilised to achieve a high standard of finish.

A wide variety of subjects can be carved.  For example rocking horses, small wood toys, trophies, animal sculptures  carved plaques and art sculptures.  Examples of work can be viewed in the Gallery  Restoration will be considered on an individual basis. 

Many of my customers consider my work to be of heirloom quality. I consider this to be one of the highest of compliments.